High School Preparation Course

High School Preparation Course

A course to teach young students the English they need to settle comfortably and effectively into an Australian High School.  English for High School not only teaches the English need for the various high school subjects, but also teaches the Australian culture.  Our Director of Studies is available to assist students and parents decide which high school is best for their future study purposes.  She will also assist with the high school placement if requested.

High School Preparation students at AICOL Gold Coast English language school
High School and Primary School learning English activity

High School Preparation farewell party at AICOL

High School Preparation Course Description

High School Preparation Course at AICOL
CRICOS registered No. 022332A
NEAS accredited

  • The AICOL High School Preparation course is recognised by the majority of high schools in Gold Coast City as a most effective course of its type, designed to provide students with the English language and study skills necessary to succeed in an Australian high school – private school or public school.

    Students learn the English vocabulary and conversation proficiency to the appropriate level they need to study in high school in Australia- English across the high school curriculum. The high school preparation course provides a good knowledge of general English and the study skills needed to achieve academic success at high school.

    Maximum class size of 15

  • Assessment
    High School Preparation assessment structure prepares the HSP student with the study skills they need to achieve academic success and assessment tasks include oral presentations, comprehension, research, essays and reports.

    Weekly Program Schedule
    20 hrs Core English
    1hr Study Skills
    3 hrs Self-Access Learning
    Course Content
    English across the high school curriculum: social sciences, history, geography, mathematics and science, health and physical education, secondary study skills
    Entry Requirement
    Completion of Elementary English or Pre-Intermediate assessment on AICOL Entrance Test A


  • Do you want to know more about high school preparation at AICOL Gold Coast English Language School in Australia?
    How to prepare for entry to a high school in Gold Coast Queensland?
    How long must you study English before entering high school?
    What level of English do you need to learn to enter a primary school?
    When should you enrol in an elementary school, or primary school, or a high school at the Gold Coast?
    What level of English language do you need to learn before entry to a State school or private school?
    Which Gold Coast high schools can you enter?
    Which is the best Gold Coast English language school for studying a high school preparation course?

    We are happy to provide you with all the information you need – just contact us.

Australian Education Assessment Service (AEAS)

  • The AEAS assessment includes English language proficiency, general ability and mathematical reasoning and takes students approximately 3 hours to complete under supervision.  AICOL prepares students for AEAS tests.

    The AEAS Report provides an accurate assessment of the student’s English language proficiency and the number of weeks intensive English language program that should be undertaken by the student before he or she enters the Australian classroom. Analysis can be made as to the student’s capability to manage with the year he or she intends to enter and the areas the student may need support with.

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