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AICOL English School front office

AICOL English School front office



1. For Enrolment  at our English School please complete the AICOL Application for Enrolment form.   You should try to do this at least a few weeks before the course starting date if time permits.

2. AICOL will confirm your enrolment and send you an invoice containing the following:
-Tuition and Registration Fee
-If required, Overseas Student Health Cover for Student Visa (is required for all student visa applications and is not required for tourist visas)
-If requested, Airport Transfer and Accommodation

3. All invoiced fees must be paid prior to starting a course at AICOL Gold Coast English school.

Student Visa for English Courses at AICOL

4. AICOL AGENTS – AICOL has no current formal agency agreements for the referral of students.  Students are welcome to enrol direct either on-line, by post or fax, in person or through their agent. If a student is enrolled by their agent we are happy to communicate directly with the agent.

5. Make sure you have a current passport and check with the Australian Embassy if you need a Tourist Visa or Student visa.  Students may study English for up to 12 weeks on a tourist visa.

6. To qualify for a student visa, you must be enrolled for full time English language study, which is twenty hours compulsory and 3 hours optional self study at AICOL per week.

7. A Student visa allows you to work for a certain number of hours.  Please check the website at for the latest information regarding permitted workhours.  When we receive your fees, we will send you an Overseas Student Confirmation-of-Enrolment (CoE), and an Acceptance Letter. You then apply for a Student Visa from the Australia Embassy. Allow sufficient time for your application to be processed.

Tourist Visa for English Courses at AICOL

8. You do not need a CoE for a tourist visa. Please note that a Tourist Visa allows you to attend courses at AICOL for up to 12 weeks. Students from some countries may not be able to change this visa to a student visa once  arrived in Australia.

9. Make your travel arrangements and send us your arrival flight details.  We cannot guarantee airport transfer unless we receive your flight details at least three days before arrival.


We are happy to arrange homestay through our own internal homestay office for both student visa students and tourist visa students,  for adults and children and for study tours and summer/winter camps.

For further information on student visas please see the Australian Government Department of Immigration website at