AICOL Gold coast study tour activity


Gold Coast Study Tour Group riding activity

How to choose who will prepare your Study Tour at Gold Coast?  A difficult question for agents.  Some questions to ask:

  1. Is the person organising the Gold Coast study tour a recognised education provider or just another agent employing someone to teach English at different locations and arranging  the activities.
  2. Are your study tour students being tested on arrival and placed in international classes based on test results or are they in closed classes with their own group where they will continue to speak their own language?  AICOL provides international classes.
  3.  Is there a maximum of 15 students per class for your students?   AICOL has a maximum of 15 students per class for study tour Gold Coast students.
  4.  Does the homestay coordinator attend every day where the English classes are delivered so the students or tour leaders can discuss any concerns immediately.  AICOL study tour coordinators attend our school every day.
  5.  For more AICOL Gold Coast study tour information follow the link  under “Courses”.
  6. AICOL is happy to provide sample study tours and quotes upon request.

Study tours are a great way for students, parents, schools and agents to get to know the location, improve English and meet local Australian families and other international students from many countries.   It is also a way to introduce a student to the school with a view to longer study in the future.  We can arrange visits to public and private schools, TAFE and universities.