High School Preparation Course for local Gold Coast high school

High School Preparation Course

A B Paterson College Gold Coast

The AICOL High School Preparation (HSP) course is designed to assist international students wanting to transfer to an Australian high school. The program teaches the English proficiency skills they will need in their secondary school studies. The focus is on the kind of English specific vocabulary used in the classroom and in assignments.
Students in the AICOL High School Preparation program will benefit from improved literacy and numeracy skills for personal interaction in and out of class. These are the skills necessary to achieve academic success within the assessment structure of Australian high schools. They will also learn about the Australian culture in the high school environment.
There is on-going assessment of a student’s progress in all areas – essays, oral presentations and research assignments. There are class tests with a detailed progress reports every 6 weeks (or more frequently at the request of parents.